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Motion and Emotion
Revolutionising destination entertainment in Oman


Cine Screens including
4D Cinema


10 Silver Screens

A cine complex with 10 silver screens featuring a state-of-the-art 4D theatre and acoustics bring the latest blockbusters to life.

The largest Kids World in Oman

Kids have it easy and enjoyable at the Al Araimi Boulevard with a stroller-friendly environment and a nursery in place. Further, a diverse array of experiences awaits them at the Kids World arena.

Climbing, Bowling and Trampoline park

Al Araimi Boulevard has what it takes to keep the active minded engaged and entertained. A climbing wall, a full-fledged bowling arena and a trampoline park ensure there is no dearth of active fun.

And the fun continues

Check out the interactive wall where just about anyone can enthuse themselves creatively. Gaze at the mesmerizing dance show with kinetic light displays synchronized to music. And enjoy a lively stroll through the water fountains.



Be a part of the changing landscape of Oman.