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Motion and Emotion
A world of gastronomic delights at your
beck and call

Food Court Seats


Outdoor Dining Venues

Enjoy food in the relaxed settings of the boulevard as you take in the gently gurgling fountains, sunset and chirpy conversations - an ambience that's a first in Oman.

From the farm to the fair

Tuck into a selection of fresh fruits and produce, prepared right then and there to engage more than the taste buds. A definite novelty in the region and a feast for the senses, guaranteed.

Grab it off a truck

Yet another innovation in the region, food trucks deliver your favourite grabs at vantage points in the mall, adding to the fanfare.


A world of gastronomic delights at your beck and call

The Al Araimi Food Court offers a combination of several exciting new concepts from around the world. Discover a range of cuisines from far flung corners of the world in retail outlets ranging from quick service restaurants to casual dining outlets, fine dining venues and more.

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Be a part of the changing landscape of Oman.